Our Pledge to you!

  1. Communication: I pledge to keep the lines of communication free flowing in every case I handle, from the initial consultation to the final letter at the conclusion of my representation. When I receive a message from a client asking me to return a call, I'll return it promptly. If I receive a call during business hours I'll make every effort to return the call by the end of the day, if not sooner.
  2. Customer Service: I pledge not to screen my calls, to answer if I'm there and available, and to answer the phone myself whenever possible. I'll be considerate of my client's time and communicate promptly if a conflict arises, putting the burden on myself to rectify the situation. I pledge to treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve.
  3. Zealous Representation: I pledge to do any and everything for my client within the bounds and constraints of what is legal regardless of the fee I charge. I'll handle each case as if I were the client. No matter what the fee, I'll honor my pledge to zealously represent my client from beginning to end.
  4. Honesty: I pledge to be open and honest with my clients. If their case is weak in my opinion, I'll let them know. If they're facing a harsh reality, I won't sugar coat it, even if it means saying something they don't want to hear and results in them not hiring me. A client with unrealistic expectations is not only disserved, but will also never be satisfied with the end result if it's anything short of miraculous.