Change is one thing you can be certain of in life. If your life has changed significantly since your divorce settlement was final, you may need to retain a lawyer to petition the court for a post-decree modification of your child support, child custody, visitation or alimony arrangements.

At the Burroughs Law Office, P.C. in Virginia Beach, family law attorney Lawren D. Burroughs helps clients with post-decree modifications of all types of court orders.

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The court may, in certain cases, grant a petition for a post-decree modification of a court order if you or your ex-spouse has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job, a move or a remarriage.

It is vitally important that you file for a legal modification of the court order as soon as possible. The court does not recognize any informal agreements you make between your ex-spouse. And the modification is retroactive only to the date the petition for a modification was filed.

Only the Court can change a court order

If the court ordered you to pay child support and you lost your job or were incarcerated, your obligation to pay support does not go away unless the court modifies its order. Sadly, people who do not understand this can end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in back child support.

Don't let that happen to you.

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