Criminal Law in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether guilty or innocent, everyone is entitled to certain rights — rights that should never be taken for granted. If you are in the unfortunate position of being accused of a crime, you can depend on criminal defense attorney Lawren D. Burroughs to vigorously defend your legal rights in a court of law.

We represent clients accused of all misdemeanor and felony crimes, including:

Drug Charges
Domestic Violence
Assault and Battery
Drug charges
Juvenile Charges

Criminal defense attorney Lawrence D. Burroughs II is a skilled litigator who has defended clients in more than 400 trials. A former assistant public defender, he knows how to persuade a jury that his client is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Not every case should be brought to trial. Some are best settled outside of the courtroom. Attorney Burroughs is also an experienced negotiator who will work to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

Looking at the Whole Picture

Whether you have been accused of drug possession, embezzlement, domestic violence or any other crime, you can depend on Burroughs Law Office, P.C. for aggressive criminal defense. We can also refer you to services that may help you address the issues that led to your legal problems. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We offer quality legal representation for flat fees.

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