About Drug Crimes in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have some sort of charge either pending or being made against you. You'll fall into any one of three camps. You're either 1. someone who has a drug problem and needs help addressing your problem, 2. someone who is dealing drugs for any number of illegitimate reasons, or 3. you are completely innocent. Normally, we don't concern ourselves with which camp you fall into but when it comes to drug charges we make an exception.

We'll work through them in reverse order.

1. You've been arrested by a police officer due to a search incident to arrest or for what the police officer touts as probable cause. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe it's something as simple as a traffic stop in a vehicle that isn't yours. Whatever the case may be, if you're innocent, you'll want to maintain your innocence. Trying to talk to the police to clear things up will not help you maintain your innocence. Read our advice at this link for more on what we mean here.

From the very first second of this encounter, you should remain focused on the big picture. No matter what the police officers tell you, they are not there to help you through this process. They would like nothing more than for your full cooperation and that means admitting guilt. Anything you say can and will be used against you and most assuredly will.

Unfortunately, however, if you're reading this, you've likely had your initial encounter with your respective city's finest. You've possibly even given a confession of sorts or made some incriminating statement either orally or in writing. With all hope seeming lost, you start cooperating even more with them in hopes that they are looking out for you. This is particularly true if this is your first experience with the police.

They'll offer some deal if you waive the preliminary hearing on a first offense that doesn't involve any active incarceration and you'll figure you should just take it to put it all behind you. Again, don't do it without consulting with your attorney first! Call us today to set your appointment with Attorney Burroughs. He's handled many drug cases in his capacity as Assistant Public Defender for the City of Norfolk and is ready to put his experience to work for you today. If you're one of the knowledgeable few who knew to say or do nothing, why let all that good work go to waste. Let us help finish the job you started and work toward a not guilty verdict or dismissal. If you've made the innocent mistake of cooperating with the law enforcement, you'll need us more than ever. Let us help work toward clearing your good name. Your future depends on it!

2. If you're a drug dealer, it's fair to say that you are not well liked by the majority of society. That said, we don't pass judgment in cases where we can help make a difference. Even the scum of the earth have rights too. If you're dealing drugs, you share the same rights we ordinary citizens possess and are entitled to a fair dealing from start to finish.

Some ask how I sleep at night. How do you represent a person who deals drugs? Sleeping is the easy part for me. When I win a case like this it’s because someone else wasn’t doing their job well. They’re the ones who should have trouble sleeping at night. We only win these cases when the prosecutor fails in some way or the arresting officer has violated your constitutional rights. I sleep at night knowing I defended the system well. I sleep at night knowing the prosecutor or officer will not likely make the same mistake next time.
— Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs

So, if you deal drugs you still deserve competent representation. You need someone who will fight for your constitutional rights and work toward a resolution that is within the bounds of our American justice system. Put us to work for you today! Call now to schedule a consultation.

3. This is the most important of the three camps people generally fall into. This is where we can make the greatest impact in our community. You are a drug user and want help. There are often ways to deal with drug addiction in the court system in lieu of straight incarceration. Whether it's first offender status, jail-based programs, a religious-based substance abuse organization, licensed counselors, or drug court, the courts offer a variety of ways to help those who can admit they have a problem and want help.

Even if we handle your matter to its conclusion and manage to win your case, we value a true win as one where you look beyond guilt or innocence. This is one area of law where repeat customers are not wanted and where a victory is more than the verdict in a case. We're familiar with a number of proven programs in the Tidewater / Hampton Roads area available to those who reach out for help. We strive to address the underlying issue by helping you find a way to kick your self-destructive habit once and for all.