Estate Planning in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

Why do You Offer These Services if You are a Family Law Practice?

Burroughs Law Office, P.C. committed to Redefining the Family Law Practice© by focusing on issues that affect the modern-day family at its core. For this reason we offer services that are generally needed when your life is uprooted and/or changed by a life event like divorce. We don't write off our clients when the decree is entered and the divorce is final. We strive to work toward helping them prepare for the future and arm them with the tools and knowledge to do so.

Do I Need a Will?

The short answer is no. Even if you don't have a will, the Commonwealth of Virginia has a plan for you. By not electing to take control of your legal interests you are essentially telling the Commonwealth that you'd like it to do it for you. You are choosing not to exercise your rights by choosing to do nothing.

The better question is, why shouldn't I have a will? Cost cannot possibly be the reason. For about the same as some families spend for cable in a two month period, we can draft a simple will, power of attorney document, and an advance medical directive. Is it because you can't find the time? We can generally have things completed with very little inconvenience on your part and, depending on your circumstances, can even come to you.

It's more likely an excuse or laziness that is responsible for most people not having a valid and/or current will. Take the time to give us a call and let us help you get your life in order.

What is an Advance Medical Directive and do I Need One?

So someone told you you need a living will? Do you have any idea what that means? Well, an Advance Medical Directive allows you to give direction about your future medical care should you become unable to do so on your own. While certainly not required, it is highly recommended that you have one, no matter what your age or present medical condition. Advance Medical Directives give you a voice when you don't have one whether due to old age or a debilitating accident. Essentially, this is your way of accepting or refusing certain medical care in the event of your own incapacity.

So as before, the short answer is no, you don't need one. The better question, however, is why shouldn't I have an Advance Medical Directive? Simply put, if these decisions mean anything to you, there's no reason not to. In a matter of a single meeting, we can have you out the door with the peace of mind knowing your wishes are being honored.What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

This document gives the authority to a person of your discretion (the "proxy") to make decisions for you if you become unconscious or mentally unable to make decisions for yourself. This document is generally drafted as part of a comprehensive estate planning kit but is available on its own for those with one or more of the other documents. This type of Power of Attorney is durable, meaning it extends beyond your incapacity whereas it would otherwise automatically terminate.