Property division in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA (equitable distribution)

Property Division in a Virginia Divorce

Property and debt division can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. It can also be one of the most legally complex. At Burroughs Law Office, P.C., in Virginia Beach, we help clients effectively deal with asset division and work out a agreement that meets their financial interests and needs.

Contact our office today for a free introductory consultationFamily law attorney Lawren D. Burroughs can help you with even the most complex property division issues.

At Burroughs Law Office, P.C., our goal is to resolve debt and property division out of court whenever possible. This saves our clients time, money, and the stress and hassle of a lengthly courtroom battle.
— Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs

Virginia divides property equitably, which is not always "equally." This means that marital assets and debts are divided in a way that is fair, considering all the circumstances.

Property division is more than deciding who keeps the house and car. You need a lawyer who can help you understand the intricacies and issues of dividing marital property and debt. You need one who has the experience and knowledge to give you sound, practical advice about your options. You need an attorney who can effectively negotiate a fair outcome on your behalf. At Burroughs Law Office, P.C., that is exactly what you receive. Complex Asset and Debt Division

For people who own businesses or who have a complicated interweaving of marital and non-marital assets, the process of dividing property can be quite complicated.

To help you properly value business assets, retirement accounts, trust funds, investments and the like, we can hire financial accountants and other experts to properly identify and evaluate the assets. At Burroughs Law Office, P.C., we help our clients protect their assets and their interests, making sure they receive their equitable share under the law.

Military divorce and Property Division

At Burroughs Law Office, we are highly skilled at handling the special issues involved military divorces. One of those issues is the proper division and protection of military pay, pensions and other government benefits. Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs is focused on resolving the issues amicably and favorably.

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