We keep things simple when it comes to the no fault divorce

Virginia Beach & Norfolk, Virginia Lawyer Handling Uncontested Divorce

Not everyone needs to go through an acrimonious courtroom battle to get a divorce. If you and your spouse can work cooperatively together and agree on many of the family and legal issues (child custody, visitation, child supportalimony, and property division) you can get your divorce without a trial. In some cases, you may be able to save a lot of money by utilizing our online divorce program, Frugal Legal Services.

Working with an attorney, you can negotiate any areas where you do not agree and work out a settlement agreement. Your lawyer can then present the agreement to the court who can issue you a divorce decree. This process is less contentious than litigation, and it often saves the couple time and money.

In some cases, the uncontested divorce process can take as few as two to three weeks to complete. As long as either one of you is a resident of Virginia (or stationed here if in the military), we can help. Even though our divorce attorney is in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we can handle uncontested no fault divorces from all over the state quikcly and easily.
— Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs

If you believe you are a good candidate for uncontested divorce, contact Burroughs Law Office, P.C. in Virginia Beach today to learn more about the process and its benefits. We will make sure you understand the particulars of the process and work with you to ensure that the dissolution of your marriage goes as smoothly as possible.

Consult an Attorney Before You Draft an Agreement

Divorce decrees are court orders regarding a variety of important issues, many of which can be complex. Typically, a divorce decree will cover child custody and visitation arrangements, the division of marital assets and debts, and any alimony that may be appropriate.

If you plan to present an agreement to the family law judge instead of asking for a ruling, you will need to think beyond the surface and address the issues in detail. Many of these family law issues have long-term implications that you may not see and are expensive and difficult to change. For this reason, it is important to consult with a lawyer to help ensure your agreement is done right the first time.

Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs helps clients identify the issues involved their divorces and assists them in finalizing the divorce agreement. He will make sure the agreement and decree are approved by the court so there are no underlying issues that can haunt you later.

The Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a less contentious, less time-consuming and less expensive alternative to litigation. It can also be more productive for couples who agree to the divorce and can resolve issues amicably. This is especially true if children are involved.

If you are agreeing to a no-fault divorce and you are interested in the uncontested divorce process, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. To schedule a free introductory consultation, contact us online or call us locally at 757-363-0077. If, rather, you prefer to save a little money and complete your VA no fault divorce online, head on over to Frugal Legal Services to get started today. Please be advised, that we do not offer a free introductory consultation with our Frugal Legal Services solution as it is intended to be completed only online. We do, however, offer discounted hourly legal advice to those clients if you need it. Please review our terms and conditions carefully.

low cost online divorce option (frugal legal services)

If you are ready to proceed and have already worked out all of your marital issues, you may be a candidate for our online no fault divorce option, Frugal Legal Services. The only caveat is that we do not offer a free consultation for our online option. You can, however, pay for our time by the hour to work through any outstanding issues. Frugal Legal Services is intended for the following type of couple:

  • There are no outstanding marital issues in controversy. In other words, you and your spouse are not fighting over anything. Everything must be worked out in advance to utilize this option.

  • You and your spouse are willing to or have already entered into a separation agreement. Frugal Legal Services requires that the parties proceed by agreement. The majority of our low-cost options include this service if you do not already have a written and signed property settlement agreement. Please review our online prices by clicking this link.

  • All correspondence with your attorney is by email. We draft and file all of your divorce documents for one low flat rate fee. All you need to do is review our documents, ask any clarifying questions you may have, and sign/return original documents to our office. We handle the rest on your behalf.

If you believe Frugal Legal Services may be an option for you, please visit www.frugallegalservices.com. You can also call our office with any questions about the process and we will gladly answer them.