Weapon and Gun Charges in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling Weapons Charges

Under both Virginia and federal law, if you are convicted of a weapons offense, you will face mandatory minimum penalties.

What makes weapons charges so potentially damaging, however, is that they are often filed in conjunction with other criminal accusations such as assault, robbery or sex offenses. Also, past convictions, gang affiliations, probation, parole and certain other factors can make gun crimes more serious. It can be essentially a vicious cycle. You need an attorney who can get to the heart of the matter and help address the real problem.

At Burroughs Law Office, P.C., in Virginia Beach, we have the experience to see the whole picture. Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs considers our clients' overall profiles rather than focusing on a single specific offense. At our firm, the goal is to identify the related problems and resolve the underlying issues.

If you are facing weapons charges, discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact our law office today for a consultation.

Weapons Charges Cover a Broad Spectrum of Behavior

A gang crime, a drug bust, or even a DUI can result in weapons charges. Depending on the location and type of crime, you could be charged in either state or federal court.

While guns are pervasive in our culture, many people do not understand all gun-related criminal laws and the civil liberties implications any felony conviction can have on their right to own a firearm. Many people do not know that convictions for nonviolent felonies strip them of their rights to carry guns for hunting or even merely for display.

Others find themselves facing extremely serious charges because weapons counts were added to other criminal charges — which they did not intend. For example, a person arrested for burglary may have had a pistol in his car, which he did not take with him during the burglary itself. Nevertheless, a gun count could be added to the burglary charge.

Attorney Lawrence D. Burroughs II is a former assistant public defender and a skilled negotiator. He knows how to negotiate effectively with prosecutors to help you limit the often devastating consequences of these charges.

Depending on the circumstances, he may be able to have charges reduced, counts dropped, or cases dismissed.If you need aggressive defense in the courtroom, Attorney Burroughs can provide it. He has defended clients in more than 400 trials he will fight hard to protect your rights and you freedom.

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